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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America is Still Red, Sorry NYT

According to a county-by-county break down of the 2008 presidential race, a vast majority of counties in America still lean Republican.

By comparison, here is's break down from 2004, and here is their break break down from 2000.

These findings aren't exclusive to Even the The Washington Post, who endorsed Obama, released a very similar map about a week ago.

From these maps we can derive two very simple concepts.

First, is the very simple and undeniable fact that The New York (Obama) Times will do everything in its power to aid the liberal cause. Their map (which was released at the same time as The Washington Post map) looked like this:

Clearly, The New York (Obama) Times' credibility has gone down the drain because of their persistent efforts to serve as Obama's personal publicity outfit. While this map was “supposed” to be a simple indication of voter "shifts" from 2004 to 2008, it got full exposure in the print version of The New York (Obama) Times, in the hopes that people would see it and be leap to the conclusion that America had somehow pulled a political 180.

It's an old rule of advertising that when pitching an idea, you want to make your general concept easy to grasp because most readers only glance at each page. It's very doubtful that people would see the NYT blue map and take the extra effort to read the fine print explaining why it was blue. The NYT knows this, and that's why they gave their blue map half a page of space.

Sometimes media bias is less explicit than many people realize. Imagery can and does play a major role in shaping opinion because it's the easiest medium to absorb. All a person had to do is walk by someone reading this copy of the NYT, and they would have caught a glimpse of this blue map and walked off with the false conclusion that America had turned blue in the 2008 election. This was precisely the effect The New York (Obama) Times sought. The Democratic Party couldn't have purchased better advertising.

The map was then lauded by Chris Matthews on MSNBC as "exciting" and he said, "This is maybe the best map ever seen!"

Clearly, Matthews and the NYT WANT America to be blue, and they want people to THINK that it is blue; but despite their efforts to spin the facts in their favor, America remains a red country.

The second concept we can derive from these maps (excluding the abhorrently false map issued by NYT) is that nothing significant has changed when it comes to voter demographics. With a few exceptions, densely populated cities have historically voted for democrats. All that has changed is that there are now more densely populated cities. It's called urban sprawl, and it's progressing at a rapid rate.

What does this entail for the GOP?

Manifest Destiny is over. America isn’t getting any more land. Instead, we will see a steady increase in number and growth of large cities. This means that the GOP will have to find a way to appeal to urban settings, or it's going to find itself fighting a losing battle for years to come.


Cornelius said...

That is a point, that rural areas tend to vote Republican, and urban areas Democrat. But the maps really miss an important detail, land itself doesn't have a lot to do with who gets elected (other than determine which people are in which states for the Electoral College). It's the people. The popular vote is a better indicator than a map of various districts.

Conservative Brawler said...

Did you miss the CNN poling which showed that, even in the 2008 election, there were more self-identified Conservatives than liberals? Or the recent Gallup poll which noted that Conservatives comprise the largest ideological group in the nation - twice that of self-identified liberals?

Obama's election wasn't a mandate for liberal policies, far from it. He campaigned on cutting the deficit in half, winning hte Afghanistan war and not raising any taxes on the middle class. These are conservative promises - hence why he won so many independent and right of center votes. Americans won't be fooled twice (though they wouldn't have been fooled the first time had they been paying attention).

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