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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Future

I disagree with Obama's stances, credentials, and record but I am a firm believer in the democratic process. Apparently, Americans wanted Obama and so Obama is what we deserve. I honestly hope that he gives us the best 4 year possible; I don't think he will but apparently most Americans don't agree. I will support my new president and I will throw my support behind this country insofar as I am its citizen. I hope that America sees nothing but success in its future and that I am entirely wrong in everything I have observed as it pertains to our president elect.

McCain's speech was pure class, and I cried throughout. I'm still in tears. I'm trying to remind myself that I am an American first, and a conservative second and part of being an American is supporting the democratic process. This is a chance for conservatives to take the higher ground, to respect the president elect more so than those who fought against and hindered our president for the last 8 years. We must always be aware that this entire process is to make this country better. Kicking our feet up and insulting our president/ president elect when he has yet to fail us only hurts out country.

Let us lend out support to the elected official chosen by our country, through the democratic process. Let us remind the world why it is we fight for the people's right to choose. And let us not forget that the people will always have a voice. If we disagree with the motions proposed by our president elect, Obama, we must do what good citizens do and object to our respective local officials. We have a good government in place and we must trust in it to protect us.

Let us always remember that one of the great hopes of democracy is that we, unlike so many other systems of government, can transfer power peacefully. Let’s do just that, and remain that shining city on a hill, an example for the masses.

I stand by the arguments I made before the election but, above all, I stand by the democratic process. Americans wanted Obama as our president, and so he deserves to be our commander and chief. That’s how democracy works. Let us never forget that thousands of our young citizens have died defending this process abroad and defacing it would do nothing but dishonor their legacy. I am proud to be an American on this day. My candidate was not chosen. My beliefs were not reinforced. But democracy was upheld, and I would die before I would allow anything else take its place.

I am an American and I have faith in America.

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