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Friday, November 14, 2008


In the passing years of the War on Terror, liberals have established a dialog by which any discussion over the validity of the American purpose in the Middle East is regarded as "fear mongering." The MSM did the same thing regarding Obama. Any attempt to talk about an issue not favorable to Obama's cause was instantly dismissed as "negative campaigning" and "fear mongering." Recently, as indicated by the election of Barack Obama, the MSM have been successful in squelching serious discussion about substantive issues.

One such issue, is the matter of indoctrinating young children. Before we discuss liberal indoctrination, let's provide some context...

Aside from selling young girls into slavery (disguised as marriage) and denying them the right to educate themselves, radical Islamic culture indoctrinates very young children, toddlers even. That is not to say all Islam supports this practice. On the contrary, most of Islam denounces such radical efforts, but they do so silently. Their silence is one brought about by fear from retribution should they speak out against what is, in actuality, only a minor portion of their religion.

A conservative in America might draw parallels between this brand of coerced silence and the silence forced on conservatives regarding a whole host of issues (global warming, gay marriage, poverty, etc.) In being forced into silence by the loudest amongst us, we rob our democracy of the necessary discussions for growth, advancements and understanding. America should note the coercion of the silent majority and learn from it. If this election is any indication, we can safely say that a silent majority is ineffective in defeating radicalism.

Let us look at the aforementioned indoctrination of the Muslim youth. Here is a report from Memri TV:

But the indoctrination of the Muslim Youth goes far beyond internet and television programming. Indoctrination has had a steady presence in the schooling of Muslim children as well:

Here is another report offered by the BBC Part 1, Part 2

And this indoctrination starts at birth. The child in the video below is just two years old:

Now, maybe you’re willing to accept that there are some instances of indoctrination in the Middle East. If you’re up on your history, maybe you’re similarly aware that Hitler used youth camps and schools to indoctrinate the children of his time in an attempt to create what was referred to as the Hitler Youth:

Here’s a little ditty supporting Obama produced by 22 children (ages 5-12) from California:

Maybe the baby blue t-shirts and choreography threw you off. Let’s set this music to a more alarming visual - see if you still think the Obama song is cute when produced by the Hitler Youth:

Still cute? As Adolf Hitler said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Let us also not forget Obama’s support for “age appropriate” comprehensive sex education (which I have discussed previously on this blog) or his plan to initiate “mandatory” community service from our youth in his proposed "Civilian National Security Force."

Yes, indoctrination even takes place in “the land of the free.” But what happens when we rub against the grain of liberal indoctrination?

I also experienced similar “teaching” when I was a child. Technically, I was allowed to be, do, think or like anything I wanted (within the rules of course). I just had to be willing to suffer the backlash of social ostracization. What child is willing to do that? Surely not one who wants to enjoy his time in school.

For example, a Lesbian teacher from California recently brought her 1st grade students (during class time) to city hall to witness and take part in her homosexual wedding ceremony. Her defense of the act was to say that the students whose parents did not want their children attending could withhold their children from the event. So when the entire class comes back from the “field trip” where they learned “you must accept homosexuality or you’re not a good person,” the few students whose parents had the intestinal fortitude to stand by their morals will be mocked and ridiculed for not having the values of the teacher and her political supporters? Nice.

And, let’s be honest, colleges are far worse than any elementary, middle or high school because, in colleges, educators generally don’t have to worry about angry parents storming in to defend the rights of their children to form their own opinions. Instead, most college students welcome the liberal indoctrination as "liberating." How ironic…

Here are the other parts of the above documentary: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

I highly recommend that you watch this whole documentary when you have the time.

And the brain washing doesn’t stop with the youth. It’s deeply seeded in the media. The sources on which we almost exclusively rely for information have a vested interest in swaying opinion in one direction or the other because they are, at their root, businesses run on profit. The media are the proverbial car salesmen of news. Each of them report exactly and only what they must to improve their profit.

The “silent majority” can no longer afford to be silent. Our youth are being brainwashed. The youth of our enemy are being brainwashed. We, ourselves, are being brainwashed.

Indoctrination is one of the world’s greatest threats to freedom. To fight it, you must first be able to identify it. So identify, and then make every effort to dismantle. For as long as indoctrination endures, its victims will remain slaves to the wills of the indoctrinators.

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Anonymous said...

So you typed the keywords "Crazy Liberals" into YouTube, found a couple of videos of made by people who everyone would agree are wackos, then searched "Hitler Youth" and "Islamic Extremists", and finally wrote a clumsy article trying to connect all the dots. And how did it make you feel? Liberated? Liberated from the mass indoctrination you've been suppressed by your entire life? Then congratulations.

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