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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Obama's Natural-Born Status on Friday; MSM Silent

You'll recall that I reported on former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania (and longtime Democrat partisan) Philip J. Berg's lawsuit against Obama's constitutional eligibility to be POTUS in my post here, almost a month before the election. Well, the Supreme Court will hear the case this Friday and it looks as if the story has finally gone viral on the internet.

What is most disturbing about this issue, to me, is the media's complete failure to cover the story. Even if this is all just a conspiracy (and I hope to God - for the sake of this country - that it is), there are enough valid arguments to at least raise questions regarding Obama's natural-born status. How is it that lipstick on a pig, Palin's wardrobe and turkey pardon "gore" have gotten air time, but something substantial like this get ignored by the MSM?

Here is an excellent overview By Joan Swirsky, of Accuracy in media, regarding the media's "malpractice" (if I may be so bold as to borrow John Ziegler's documentary title) pertaining to this issue:

The Great Birth Certificate Scandal-Cover-Up of the 2008 Election

Look, I don't know if Obama qualifies as a natural born citizen. I'm not a Constitutional lawyer and I wasn't there when Obama was born. But what I do know is that there is more than enough substance to this issue to warrant media coverage, and Americans should be appalled at the blatant malpractice and malfeasance of the media on all matters relating to Obama. His free pass from the media has moved past mere blog fodder; the fanfare is borderline dangerous. Even now, one day before the Supreme Court hears Berg's case, the MSM are still silent.

Democracies were never intended to have leaders who function independent of the law. The entire point and purpose of a democracy is to hold its leaders accountable to the people. The role of news media is to serve as a medium through which news about our leaders travels. We rely on the media for the information necessary to hold our leaders accountable. When the media refuse to report substantial issues, we cease to have a functional democracy.

Because of the media's utter failure on this issue, this case will be decided and the vast majority of Americans won't even know it was ever even an issue. Imagine if the Supreme Court decides in favor of Berg and declares Obama unqualified to fill the POTUS position. This country would be turned on its head and the entire democratic process would be discredited world-wide. We might even find ourselves on the cusp of a new civil war - all because the media failed to properly vet Obama before the election.

Let us hope that Berg is dead wrong. Because if he isn't, we have just two options available to us: a constitutionally unqualified president or having the US turned on its head by virtue of the Supreme Court disqualifying him. Either would be disastrous, both could have been avoided if the mainstream media just would have done their job.

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