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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Did They Spend Our $787 Billion?

Obama signed the 1,073-page "stimulus" bill into law yesterday, and the Dow Jones received it with a 300 point drop...

However, just because no one in congress took the time to read the dually named "Generational Theft Act," that doesn't mean we tax payers should remain oblivious as to how our tax dollars are spent, our nation bankrupted and our capitalism buried.

After 20 minutes of defending the pork in this bill just to go on to say there was no pork in this bill, Obama admitted that just 36% of the package was dedicated to tax cuts (even though a recent Rasmussen Report showed that 62% of Americans wanted more tax cuts and less spending in the package). Most democrats are hanging their hat on the argument that the spending in this bill is justified because it's making work and repairing our eroding infrastructure. Apparently, these porkulus bill advocates spent about as much time reading the bill as did the Congressional Democrats who voted for it.

At this point, The Wall Street Journal has offered the most comprehensive account of Obama's spending bill. Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with this information. These facts will come in handy when you have to explain to your grand children why their country is broken and in danger of losing it's sovereignty and security.

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