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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reagan Responds to Obama's Congressional Address

Bobby Jindal's lack-luster response to Obama's Inaugural Address didn't quite paint an adequate picture of the severity of the issues facing us today, nor did his words convey the danger of the path this administration has chosen. I fear Americans will once again be star-stricken by the oratory prowess of Barack Obama, especially when they are not provided with a substantive alternative. As was the case with the election, Obama's empty platitudes, falsehoods and misrepresentations will be overlooked because he reads a teleprompter well.

Truly, it's a shame that conservatives do not currently have a elegant rhetorician to champion their beliefs, but this was not always the case. Forty five years ago, Ronald Wilson Reagan made a speech which, by most accounts, could have been repeated tonight to more adequately rebuke Obama's liberal agenda.

1 comment:

geoffludt said...

Reagan = timeless

I miss him like a family member.

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