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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter's Switch Signals the Death of American Democracy

Editorial Cartoon by Eric Allie

With Arlen Specter officially switching his party alignment from republican to democrat and Al Franken knocking on the door of the Minnesota seat, Obama will have the necessary 60 senators to fast-track any piece of legislation he wants. Then again... it's not like Specter wasn't in Obama's pocket anyway... but I digress.

Under Obama's proposed tax structure, 50% of the population won't pay federal income tax - which means half of this country will literally be living off the other half.

So, not only is there no way to stop the federal crazy train from spinning off the tracks, but half the country no longer has a stake in federal spending.

Congratulations Obama voters, we no longer have a democracy of checks and balances. For all intents and purposes, American democracy is virtually dead. How ironic, then, that Senator Arlen's name is "Specter."

Isn't change great?
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