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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Specter's Switch Signals the Death of American Democracy

Editorial Cartoon by Eric Allie

With Arlen Specter officially switching his party alignment from republican to democrat and Al Franken knocking on the door of the Minnesota seat, Obama will have the necessary 60 senators to fast-track any piece of legislation he wants. Then again... it's not like Specter wasn't in Obama's pocket anyway... but I digress.

Under Obama's proposed tax structure, 50% of the population won't pay federal income tax - which means half of this country will literally be living off the other half.

So, not only is there no way to stop the federal crazy train from spinning off the tracks, but half the country no longer has a stake in federal spending.

Congratulations Obama voters, we no longer have a democracy of checks and balances. For all intents and purposes, American democracy is virtually dead. How ironic, then, that Senator Arlen's name is "Specter."

Isn't change great?


Christopher said...

You would think after 100 days of destroying democracy Obama voters would start showing some buyer's remorse...It's alarming that they still don't see Obama for what and who he is. Great blog btw.

Cursed with Self-Awareness said...

How is this the end of Democracy? Did I miss the part where these guys seized power by force instead of getting elected?

If the people voted to have 60 Democratic senators, then it seems to me that the spirit of Democracy is alive and well, and now the government can govern.

Conservative Brawler said...

That's just it, the American people didn't elect 60 democratic senators. It's arguable that they elected 59 (depending on your take of the Minnesota situation). Specter was elected as a Republican representative and has decided to switch parties.
Moreover, the fact that 1/2 the country will no longer pay federal income tax under Obama speaks towards the fundamental evil of socialism - that votes are purchased by those in power with the money of those who are not.
Democracy doesn't always vanish at the point of a gun.

Cursed with Self-Awareness said...

Okay, but he's allowed to switch parties if he wants. Not only that, but from 2001-2006 it was White House, Congress, Senate and Court all controlled by one party.

Also, saying it's Socialism repeatedly doesn't make it Socialism.

Furthermore, the "1/2 the country will no longer pay federal income tax" is a comment that's pure political skew. Tax policy is far too complex to be boiled down to 10 words, and federal income tax is not the whole of the tax burden.

And lastly, you're right that Democracy doesn't vanish at the point of a gun. But a lot of times, it does. Just ask the Department of Homeland Security.

Here's to government just small enough to fit into our bedrooms. Soon, they'll be making it small enough to fit in our heads.

Conservative Brawler said...

The Republican party never had a filibusterer-proof majority. The democrats now do.

And while Specter is certainly allowed to switch parties if he wants, it's not fair to his constituents or America for him to switch parties after being nominated and elected as a Republican, thus handing the ruling party a filibuster-proof Senate majority. America didn't vote in 60 democrat senators, they didn't vote for one-party-rule. That's what we have now.

And obviously people pay more taxes than just the federal income tax. But, historically, the federal income tax is the largest tax most Americans have had to pay. So to purchase the votes of half the population at the expense of the other half is socialism - and repeating that this isn't socialism doesn't make it true.

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