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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Crashers

Editorial Cartoon by Nate Beeler

Today, I heard a professor ask a class of Boston University grad students what they thought about the tea parties. And, like the New York Times-reading, MSNBC-watching group of liberal sheeple they are, they responded with Keith Olbermann talking points. One student even went so far as to tell the rest of the class about an interview he had seen on CNN, where they interviewed the most fringe, illiterate extremist they could find.

He said, "I saw an interview on CNN today where they interviewed this crazy old woman and she started going off about how America is turning into a socialist country..." He was briefly interrupted by uproarious class laughter. I'm not sure if they were chuckles of glee at the suggested change or if it was just the typical contemptuous guffawing. He went on to say, "People are protesting taxes. I mean... I think the whole world would agree, every country needs taxes."

To which the professor replied, "Right. I know, it's crazy."

Would you expect anything less from the land of Kennedy?

So why do I feel compelled to tell you about this story?

Well, I think it speaks to a larger point about the influence of liberal media. Clearly, a significant portion of the American population isn't going to investigate the validity of the claims made by the liberal MSM. Clearly, the historical context of socialism has been lost in a sea of revisionist history. Clearly, the virtues of capitalism have been skewed by partisan political bickering. Clearly, we cannot expect the ill-informed masses to educate themselves about things like the thousands of tea parties that were held nation-wide today.

If the masses had taken the time to inform themselves, they'd know that these tea parties were non-partisan demonstrations against tax and spend economics; that politicians are disproportionately taxing people who didn't vote for them to pay off those who did. That's socialism no matter how you spin it.

But the Left knows that the American people have never been in support of socialism (even though only 53% of Americans currently support capitalism over socialism). And because the Left knows this, they've repackaged socialism into a new brand that America ate up in November. As a result, liberals spew vitriol over anyone who (accurately) points out that America is becoming a socialist country, and that socialism has never, ever succeeded, or that capitalism is what made America the wealthiest country in the world.

And while many Republican politicians have tried to hop on the Tea Party express as a publicity stunt, these demonstrations had nothing to do with the GOP. I should know, I helped organize Boston's first tea party and I couldn't even get the GOP on the phone to help me out. The same people who were upset with Bush's big spending policies are even more upset now.

No, these tea parties are far more significant than the Left will admit. They represent what remains of the truly American perspective, an ideology which suggests that Americans should be self-sufficient and that the federal government should play a minimal role in our lives. To date, this has been the predominately distinguishing factor between the sub par economies of socialist Europe and the booming success of America.

So, don't be fooled by GOP wolves in sheep's clothing. While some republicans supported the grassroots tea party movements and should be commended for that, many others (like RNC chair Michael Steele) only wanted to participate after all the heavy lifting had been done.

Also, as I frequently point out, never trust the MSM. They seek profits, not the truth.

It really is time for Americans to take their country back, and it starts with making up their own damn minds for a change.

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