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Monday, April 20, 2009

What Happened to Miss California is Just a Taste of How Conservatives Are Treated

Just in case you haven't seen it, here's Miss California's now infamous response to a loaded gay marriage question from Perez Hilton:

Shortly there after, Miss California lost the Miss USA crown and Perez Hilton rushed backstage to post this scathing response:

Let me start by saying that, in part, Perez is correct. Miss California did not directly answer the specific question posed to her. She was asked whether she thought other states should follow the path of those states which have legalized gay marriage. She said that she thought it was great that Americans had the choice to be with whomever they wanted, but she thought marriage should be between a man and a woman. That doesn't directly answer the question, but it does indirectly address it.

In other words: No, she doesn't think other states should follow in the same path. And for your information, Mr. Hilton, the answer you condescendingly offered didn't directly answer the question either. I think you're just bitter, Perez, because your attempt to strong arm the acceptance of gay marriage into yet another avenue of pop culture backfired.

But I'm not terribly concerned that the question was asked, or even that the judges might have felt she didn't frame her answer as well as she could have. What I'm concerned with is the systemic defamation which followed and will continue to follow her answer.

You could see it on her face the instant she realized Perez would be asking her a question; she knew she was going to get a loaded question about homosexuality. She knew, no matter how well she framed her answer, she was going to be portrayed as an ignorant bigot.

I'm sorry to say this, but her situation is not unique. What happened to Miss California is just part and parcel of what conservatives face every day. We're not permitted to voice our responses, and when we are brave enough to speak out against liberalism, we're eviscerated. What she faced on stage last night is what conservatives in nearly every college classroom across the country face every day.

No doubt, Miss California will have one of two futures in the coming days. Either she will succumb to pressure and dilute her answer to get the dogs away off her throat, or she'll stand her ground and have the MSM demonize her until her reputation and life are ruined.

I don't know which path she will choose, but I call tell you this: It took a hell of a lot of courage to stand by her convictions, even though she knew it would likely cost her the crown. And for that, I would have been honored to have her as our Miss USA.

Here's to you Miss California, for having more intestinal fortitude than Perez Hilton ever will.


Anonymous said...

I have many things to say to that Hilton fellow, none of it nice.

Glad to know there are some real Conservative hotties out there.

Hostage Hoosier said...

That was a dirty set up. He knew she was conservative and went after her. Glad she stuck to her guns.

Here is another blog post that reflects my sentiment on the whole thing

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