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Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama Got What He Wanted
From Notre Dame Appearance

Let's be clear, Obama's appearance at Notre Dame was a brilliant publicity stunt. For Obama and his liberal cohorts, his appearance at Notre Dame was a win-win: they got to portray pro-life advocates as irrational, religious zealots and Obama got to pretend like he was the logical, boundary-spanner uniting the country.

The commencement ceremony was likely no different than any of the classes which lead to it. As I pointed out in my tweets during the speech, the graduation ceremony served as a perfect example of just how in-bed with liberalism academia really is.

I've heard many of his supporters liken his performance at Notre Dame to the "transcendental tone" used in his now famous speech on race relations. There's no denying that the man is masterful at using strawman arguments to discredit his opposition. He never once adequately addressed any of the major legal or logical oppositions to abortion, but, instead, took a "can't we all get along" approach which totally side-stepped the crux of the issue.

For the MSM who claim Obama was received at Notre Dame "with open arms," it should not go unnoticed that he had a friendly audience (as always) because the vast majority of those who opposed him were either outside at a prayer vigil or previously arrested for peacefully protesting.

Why do I say this was an excellently executed publicity stunt?

Because now, the fact that the majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life won't matter.

The fact that Obama voted three times as a state senator against legislation which would criminalize born-alive abortions will be forgotten or ignored because the MSM refuses to talk about it.

The fact that Obama approved tax funding for international "family planning" centers, some of which engage in late-term abortions, will continue to be totally sugarcoated by the MSM.

Oh yes, Barack Obama, the MSM and academia all got exactly what they wanted from this - a bunch of screen shots and video and audio clips of religious protesters who, in the brevity of their media exposure, were unable to articulate the source of their discontent.

It all adds to the picture of Obama as the "change we need" and conservatism as "out of touch." It was very masterfully done and I give them credit for it. Never forget one of the primary rules of political propaganda is to define your opponent before he can define himself.

This dog and pony show managed to paint Obama's opponents in an unfavorable light, further blinded the uninformed masses to his extreme pro-abortion stances, added credence to the belief that he's some how "reaching across the aisle" because he spoke at a supposedly "pro-life" venue but at the same time reinforced his image as a "smart guy" by having Notre Dame's president grandstand for him for about half an hour as if they were at a political rally.


EricTheRed said...

Very interesting analysis. Thanks for sharing it.

Nice blog, except for the "NY Yankee"-esque pinstripes in the background. (I'm a Mets fan and it's depressing!)

Anonymous said...

Interesting article and spot on! You are right, you have got to give BO credit, he knows how to work things ... as in he's slick. A slick politician. Not a good President nor is he even qualified, but yes, he's good with politics. What a shame! That's his qualification? God help us!

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