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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brunn and the Political Spectrum

Ever since the 88-year-old Von Brunn shot up the holocaust museum, liberals have been contorting themselves to tie conservatism as a whole to Brunn's lunacy, the slaying of late-term abortionist George Tiller and an isolated incident in April where three officers were killed by a gunman using an outlawed assault rifle.

Let's ignore for a moment that, irrespective of which party is in power, violence has always risen during times of economic downturn.

Let's forget the fact that the Pittsburgh shooting happened with a banned firearm - proving once again that firearm bans don't protect the innocent, they uniquely arm the criminals.

We can overlook the fact that the murder of an Army private by a Muslim convert outside of a recruiting station in Arkansas received about 1/10th as much coverage as the Tiller case, even though they happened at about the same time.

We might even go so far as to neglect the MSM's disinterest in the act of arson that burned Governor Palin's church to the ground in December.

While we're at it, we can turn a blind eye to the several instances of hateful violence directed towards Christians by the gay community after California upheld the traditional definition of marriage.

Even if we do all of this, there is not, as the Left MSM claim, a trend which suggests conservative media or conservatism in general are propagating hate. On the contrary, James Von Brunn is reported to have created a target list before entering the Holocaust Museum, and on that list was FOX News and The Weekly Standard. Moreover, it's quite clear from Brunn's own writings that he had nothing in common with American conservative ideology. He hated capitalism, conservatism and Christianity - all of which are necessary tenants of American conservatism.

Yet the Left insists that Brunn's lunacy is the product of some sort of "flaw" in Conservatism. When the Right accurately asserts that Brunn was no "right-winger," the Left falls back on the inane argument that, "He was a Nazi, Nazis are fascists and fascism falls on the 'right' side of the political spectrum."

Let's put aside the fact that "Nazi" is a term that refers to national socialism, and that socialism is a tenant of the Left. To assert that fascism falls on the "right" side of the political spectrum is to falsely suggest that the political "spectrum" isn't a spectrum at all, but a flat line. Fascism no more falls on the Right than libertarianism falls on the Left.

Allow me to provide a visual to simplify things for our liberal comrades:

If you're interested in seeing where you fall within this spectrum, here is a political quick quiz to give you a round-about idea. Here is my quiz result as a matter of perspective:

Von Brunn is no "right-winger," and he is certainly no conservative. He's a hateful and misguided human being, and labeling him as a "right-winger" is nothing more than a cheap and tasteless political ploy to discredit conservatism.


Euripides said...

I agree with your political structure diagram. Fascism and Communism as formed in the 20th Century are two sides of the same coin. Though Hitler and Stalin killed each other's troops over the difference, the two are more alike than different.

Anonymous said...

This is like 1964 all over again... Though this time the crazy lunatic killer isn't a 'ex'-communist.

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