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Monday, June 15, 2009

Look Who's Laughing

Political Cartoon by Glenn McCoy

I thought this cartoon was particularly poignant given the recent Gallup poll which showed that "conservatives" are the largest ideological group in America - comprising about 40% of the population. "Moderates" make up about 35% of the population, and just 21% of Americans self-identify as "liberal." It's as if the Left has hoodwinked itself into thinking its views are mainstream. As I pointed out just after the election, America is a center-right country. The US was center-right before the presidential election as well, but Obama spent more money than has ever been spent in an election to convince Americans he was also center-right. Americans bought it and, as McCain has been reiterating since Obama took office, elections have consequences.

I keep hoping Obama will stand up in front of America and quote Jim Carrey's scene from the aptly named Liar Liar.
I think we've made a big mistake!
This is just... wrong, isn't it ? I manipulated the system! Just because you bought it doesn't mean I'm right. It's a technicality!
I suppose it's a hope against hope...

At least the polling information confirms what we all knew anyway: liberals don't outnumber the rest of us, they're just louder - which isn't surprising when you consider how big a microphone the MSM gives the Left.

The Letterman jokes, the treatment of Carrie Prejean and the relatively neglectful coverage of the murder of Private Long are just the most recent examples of a plethora of instances where the MSM chose to propagate liberal ideology instead of doing hard, real and appropriate reporting.

The election turmoil in Iran serves as a perfect example of how vital it is to have responsible and accountable news media. Let us hope that America never sees a day where its democracy is subverted by a demagogue who thinks he knows better than the American people.

The majority of Americans oppose redefining marriage, abortion, closing Gitmo, bailing out GM, buying out GM, the "stimulus," meeting enemy leaders without preconditions, increased government spending, increased taxes and universal healthcare. Liberalism has no mandate.The government's job is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and to act in accordance with the will of the American people - nothing more, nothing less.

If, in fact, conservatives outnumber liberals by such a wide margin as the one suggested by the most recent Gallup pole, there is no reason why the tyranny of the liberal MSM and political demagogue(s) cannot be squelched; but it will require the voice and action of the otherwise "silent majority." Conservatives can no longer afford to hold their tongues in the face of a tyrannical minority.

1 comment:

Mickey said...

Problem with Americans not doing their homework on 0bama is now we have to contend with all the damage he will do in the meantime. He is putting together all the pieces of the puzzle to his dominion - controlling business, money, guns, religion, speech, media etc. Turning America further into an entitlement state, then top it off with getting the 22nd amendment rescinded, then he can be President of his newly created dominion for life.
Meanwhile he is selling this sham as protection for the people to get out of this emergency.

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