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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Eye Shreds Playboy's Hateful Hate F**k List

In case you're unaware, Playboy Writer Guy Cimbalo recently published a blog post on the Playboy website which advocated and joked about angrily violating a host of Conservative women. The post has since been taken down with little-to-no fanfare or media coverage, once again proving how utterly worthless, biased and full of crap the MSM really is. You can view screenshots of the lewd post on Activist Conservative.

Violation and denigration of women only matters, apparently, when the women being denigrated and violated agree with liberal sensibilities. Of course... who can blame the MSM? They've had their hands so full trying to blame FNC's Bill O'Reilly for the slaying of mass-late term abortionist George Tiller that they simply haven't had the time to adequately report the domestic murder of an Army recruiter by an Islamic Extremist or this Playboy story. I mean, with such "soft" stories like the Obama administration blocking the sale of 6 AH-64D helicopters to Israel but then approving the sale of 12 to Egypt... who can blame the MSM for seeking out the "hard" stories... like the Obama date night?

Boy, isn't this just "the change we need?" Deficit, debt, socialism, partisan media and rape fantasies? I sure do feel better about America! I'm glad this wave of change has swept over us all just in time to save America's reputation before the evil Christians ruined everything with their dastardly morals...

This YouTube clip was brought to my attention on Twitter by @andylevy.
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