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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Eye Shreds Playboy's Hateful Hate F**k List

In case you're unaware, Playboy Writer Guy Cimbalo recently published a blog post on the Playboy website which advocated and joked about angrily violating a host of Conservative women. The post has since been taken down with little-to-no fanfare or media coverage, once again proving how utterly worthless, biased and full of crap the MSM really is. You can view screenshots of the lewd post on Activist Conservative.

Violation and denigration of women only matters, apparently, when the women being denigrated and violated agree with liberal sensibilities. Of course... who can blame the MSM? They've had their hands so full trying to blame FNC's Bill O'Reilly for the slaying of mass-late term abortionist George Tiller that they simply haven't had the time to adequately report the domestic murder of an Army recruiter by an Islamic Extremist or this Playboy story. I mean, with such "soft" stories like the Obama administration blocking the sale of 6 AH-64D helicopters to Israel but then approving the sale of 12 to Egypt... who can blame the MSM for seeking out the "hard" stories... like the Obama date night?

Boy, isn't this just "the change we need?" Deficit, debt, socialism, partisan media and rape fantasies? I sure do feel better about America! I'm glad this wave of change has swept over us all just in time to save America's reputation before the evil Christians ruined everything with their dastardly morals...

This YouTube clip was brought to my attention on Twitter by @andylevy.


Cursed with Self-Awareness said...

First of all, it's not about rape. It's demeaning, somewhat violent and based on anger and humiliation (and still generally repulsive)-- but at the very least, the idea is that this person would have consent. That seems pretty far fetched (him having consent), but the implication is there.

And even if you disagree with me there, surely we can agree that an article in a soft-core skin mag is not the fault of any administration except those in charge of Playboy? Or at least that the President isn't to blame for the partisan media?

And honestly, would you *want* President Obama taking time to denounce or change that article? Rhetorical device or not, it looks like you're blaming Obama for an article about hate f**king, a partisan media that you've argued was there from the get-go, and a deficit that takes more than 4 months to change.

"Change comes in excruciating increments to those who want it."

At the moment, he's laying the groundwork for the change he envisions while trying to stop a war that should've been stopped years ago, repair the alienation (caused by said war) of an entire population (and Europeans, too), and fix a spiraling economy all while saving Capitalism from itself.

If GM declared bankruptcy with no government assistance, the entire economy goes to hell. If they go out of business - that's 250,000 more people without jobs. The problem is that Capitalism swallowed GM, Chrysler, a number of banks -- simply because they

Were Not as Good

as other ones. The problem is, they had so many people employed that them going out of business meant further catastrophe. The US has been trying to save Capitalism and the market economy from itself consistently. Look at antitrust laws. Are you seriously of the belief that one company, if it's that much better than its competitors, should just be able to operate as a monopoly? Pure Capitalism doesn't work. Just like pure Socialism doesn't work. Just like pure ANY form of economy doesn't actually work the way it's supposed to. Maybe there's something with the good elements of many economic philosophies that will...

Conservative Brawler said...

There's no denying that the violent and hateful nature of this Playboy article paralleled a rape fantasy.

Regardless of the nature or niche of the magazine, an article about angrily violating women simply because of their political views is unacceptable. When you compound this with the fact that Playboy has a circulation of roughly 4.5 million, it's certainly a newsworthy story.

That said, I never once mentioned Obama in the article, so how it is you reached the conclusion that I blamed him for the article or expected him to comment on it is beyond me. This post was a commentary on the partisanship of the liberal media. I thought my opening paragraph explained this quite clearly.

As for Obama and the deficit, it's true that there was a deficit when he took office... then he multiplied it by about 5 (with interest). So the liberal tactic of blaming Bush for Obama's deficit doesn't hold water.

And while Obama cannot be directly blamed for the partisan media, that does not mean the partisanship of the media should not be called into question as I have done here. Furthermore, one cannot accurately disassociate the media's unwillingness to cover this story (let alone Playboy's willingness to post it) from the partisanship which helped Obama get elected.

As for the war that "should have stopped years ago," I should remind you that we did not fire the first shot. The war in Afghanistan was predicated on the 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq is justifiable through the several dozen broken treaties and resolutions between the Hussein regime and America which were the terms of peace from the first Gulf War. Moreover, the time frame in which Obama plans to withdraw combat troops from Iraq is only a couple months different from the time frame agreed upon between Bush and the Iraqi government last year. It is conventional wisdom, at this point, that the surge in Iraq was quite beneficial and premature withdraw would have been seen as surrender and abandonment of the innocent civilians in both those countries.

Capitalism does not need to be "saved from itself," it needs to be saved from government interventionism. Had the government not forced unqualified loans, the debt crisis wouldn't have arisen - at least not to the degree that it did. And claiming that Obama could possibly be fixing our debt and deficit by exponentially compounding them is a logical and economic fallacy. It didn't work when Jimmy Carter tried it, it isn't working now. I suggest you read The Forgotten Man and The Housing Boom and Bust for further details.

As for the GM issue, another matter I did not mention in my post, it's worth noting that failure is a necessary tenant of capitalism. Some companies will fail precisely because others are succeeding. Bankruptcy was invented for the sole purpose of creating a safety net for situations like this. Ford has shown that the bailouts from both Bush and Obama were not needed. Government has no place in the private business sector.

Capitalism always works, Socialism never has.

USpace said...

Neo-Liberalism is a mental disease. Conservative women are HOTter! But it's not hard to imagine the justified 'Liberal' outrage if say, Hustler Magazine ran a disgusting parody where Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage and Ann Coulter gang-rape and tickle-torture Katie Couric, the PIAPS, and then Nancy Pelosi.

Imagine. The outrage would last for months in the MSM. There would be calls for firings and boycotts. NOW would be apoplectic. Poor little outraged, hypocritical Libs.


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
joke about raping women

if they are conservative
EVIL freedom lovers...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
sex is the height of evil

so is photography
but not pornography

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
always rape women...

who are conservative
they're just gender traitors

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