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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Told Ya Not to Elect Barack Obama

In my pre-election piece, Why Not to Elect Barack Obama, I made several predictions in my attempts to explain why he would make a bad president. In just the first half year of his presidency, Obama has already proven me right on almost every count.

I told ya Barack Obama would raise taxes. Obama's proposed $1.4 trillion in increased taxes doesn't even include the middle class tax hike for healthcare benefits coming down the pipeline.

I told ya Obama's economic policies were socialist in nature. When Pravda admits America has turned socialist, liberals can no longer claim that conservatives are "just using scare tactics" when describing Obama's policies as socialist.

I told ya Obama had Communist sympathies. Obama's seemingly unwavering willingness to accommodate Castro and Chavez is unmatched by any president since the Cold War.

I told ya socialism never works and is ultimately rejected by the people it attempts to control. In the recent elections, European voters, en masse, dumped the liberal politicians who had ushered in nanny states and replaced them with more conservative leaders.

I told ya there was a strong correlation between Obama's presidential efforts and stock market dives. The markets took their worst ever post-election and inauguration day dives in history and several other severe drops were directly linked to some of Obama's major policy initiatives.

I told ya Obama would dramatically increase the national deficit and debt. He quadrupled the deficit during his first couple months in office. "Cut the deficit in half," tee hee!

I told ya unemployment would be worse under Obama than it ever was under Bush. The unemployment rate is now higher than it's been in over a quarter century.

I told ya the housing market bubble was caused by the regulatory efforts of liberals who wanted to force banks to give loans to unqualified recipients. Not only did sub-prime loans and forced loaning to unqualified recipients build the artificial housing bubble, but Barney Frank is taking strides to ensure the same exact failed policies stay in place.

I told ya Obama was too inexperienced to be president. From his bow to the Saudi King, to his giving PM Brown 25 DVDs as a gift, to his European apology tour, to being played by Hugo Chavez, to the historical inaccuracies in his Cairo speech, to his Honduras/Iran double standard, Obama has proven himself to be the political equivalent of a prepubescent braggart - he clearly thinks the world of himself but lacks the experience and substance to deliver.

I told ya Obama broke Illinois state law by accepting compensation for speeches delivered while he was a US Senator and that the media would ignore it throughout the election. What would have been a career killer for any Republican was ignored by the MSM. Not only did Obama have tax problems, but he appointed a slew of politicians with their own tax woes.

I told ya his relationships with Ayers, Rezco, Khalid Al-Mansour, Wright and Pfleger showed a pattern of poor judgment and far-left radical sympathy. His policies have been a perfect reflection of the type of liberal philosophy one might expect from a person who associates with such radical leftists. Despite his center-right campaign rhetoric of lower taxes and strong national defense, Obama has taken every advantage of his party's congressional super-majority so as to progress his liberal agenda.

I told ya he had strong ties to the Marxist "New Party" and ACORN, but that the media would ignore it. The MSM, with the exception of Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, continue to refuse to acknowledge the significance of these ties. In fact, it has since been revealed that the New York Times even went so far as to bury a Obama/ACORN expose before the election.

I told ya Obama would seek out universal healthcare, noting the inherently flawed logic behind socialized medicine and pointing out that Obamacare would be impossible without tax hikes. The CBO estimated $1.6 trillion price tag for Obamacare has forced the White House to concede that taxes on middle class healthcare benefits might be necessary - a stance Obama mocked McCain for taking during the election.

I told ya Obama had a radical view of abortion. As soon as he stepped into the oval office, he decided to send American tax dollars to abortion clinics abroad, many of which perform late-term abortions. Then he decided to hike federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research even though it's been proven that adult stem cells are more productive. He also issued a proposal to rescind a Bush administration rule which otherwise protects doctors and nurses who refuse to perform abortions for moral reasons. In the press conference marking Obama's first 100 days, CNN's Ed Henry noted that Obama had broken a campaign promise to make his first act as president to sign the Freedom of Choice Act - which would eliminate federal, state and local restrictions on abortion. Henry asked if Obama planned to sign the FOCA, and Obama doggedly explained that he didn't want to use up his political capital on the issue at that time, but left room for supporting the act later on in his presidency.

I told ya Obama was not an advocate of Israel or Judaism. Obama's foreign policy with Israel has been so poor, in fact, that only 6% of Israelis now see the US government as pro-Israel - a dangerous prospect for our closest ally in the most unstable region of the world.

I told ya Obama made policy stances based on political expediency - in other words; he's an unreliable "flip flopper." It's not that all of Obama's policy reversals have been bad. In fact, I'm pleased to see that he has kept a lot of the Bush defense policies in place, despite his campaign rhetoric. The fact remains, he tells the crowd he's speaking to what it wants to hear - just like any other Chicago politician.

I told ya Obama would do whatever was necessary to stifle opposing speech and control the media, and that the MSM would remain solidly in his ideological corner. Putting aside the fact that the media have given Obama unprecedentedly favorable coverage so far and have bent over backwards to accommodate his every whim, even left-wing loons like Helen Thomas are starting to realize how manipulative of the media Obama really is. Thomas remarked just yesterday, "Not Even Nixon Tried to Control the Media Like Obama."

I told ya, had Obama gotten his way, the Surge never would have happened and we never would have succeeded in the Iraq war. Moreover, I noted that a hard-line withdraw from Iraq would result in more casualties. In the 10 days leading up to the June 30 hard deadline for American combat forces to leave Iraqi cities, more than 200 Iraqis were killed. In recent weeks, al Qaeda militants set off a string of car bombs in Shiite neighborhoods and marketplaces throughout Baghdad, killing dozens of civilians. On Tuesday, a car bomb killed at least 20 people in Kirkuk, in northern Iraq. All because liberal ideologues felt the need to grandstand a specific date for withdraw.

I told ya about Obama's naivety when he said he would meet with rogue dictators without preconditions. His hot dog diplomacy with Iran and his embarrassing photo ops with Hugo Chavez show just how out of his league Obama really is.

Finally, I told ya Americans weren't supporting Obama because of his policies, but because of the media hype and his compelling and unique biography. The majority of Americans opoose abortion, closing Gitmo, bailing out GM, buying out GM, the "stimulus," meeting enemy leaders without preconditions, increased government spending, increased taxes, universal healthcare, Cap & Trade, and paying more taxes to fight "global warming." More Americans identify themselves as conservative than do liberals or independents, and more Americans than not think the democratic party is "too liberal." So much for Obama's "mandate."

I guess I'm supposed to feel good that I was right about all of these things; but really... I just hate to say I told ya so. I would have rather been dead wrong.

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