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Monday, October 5, 2009

Barack the Olympian

Political Cartoon by Nate Beeler


Ron Russell said...

Cute cartoon! Never thought people of Kenyan descent were great javalin throwers. I suppose that's why they are such great runners. After all over there if you miss the mark (perhaps a lion) you had better be able to run fast. Just a foolish thought I had when I first saw your cartoon. First time visitor. Was checking my recent followers and came across your site that way. Think I've seen you over at Texas Freds also. I go as the Silver Fox there, but go by my real name everywhere else--long story as to the why of that!

Ron Russell said...

Got side-tracked while leaving the above comment and had to close before I finished. While thinking about the javalin, the lion and the runner I thought of the old Hemmingway novel and the question of the Leopard carcass near the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro---finally I had the answer to the question: I envisioned the lone Kenyan hunter stalking that great Leopard in the grasslands of Masai Mara near the foot of the Kilimanjaro and exposing himself as he tossed the spear. A spear that missed the target and the chase was on up the long slopes of the great mountain, after hours somewhere near the summit the Kenyan hunter nearly dying from exhaustion looks back and sees the mighty Leopard collapse and die. Mystery solved as to what the Leopard was doing at that altitude. Silly I know!

Great looking site!

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