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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Perspective on the National Debt

It's often claimed by the Left that the cost of the Bush administration's war on terror is comparable to the entitlement spending planned by the Obama administration. Here's a bit of perspective on President Bush's war spending relative to national debt:

National Debt Over TimeAnd Bush's deficit compared to Obama's?

The Bush deficit vs the Obama deficit
There is simply no comparing the Bush administration's spending to that of the Obama administration's.


Anonymous said...

"A picture's worth a thousand words" is once again demonstrated. A good lefty though will still faithfully deny the obvious.

Hellstromm said...

lol, how "convenient" of you to move the bars to the left by a year. The 2009 figures were as a result of the Bush administration's policies, not the Obama administration's policies. Try to stick to the truth, not the spin. --

Conservative Brawler said...

Yeah... except for the fact that Obama's first year in office started Jan. 09. Putting aside the fact that FY09 started just three months before he took office (one month before he was elected), was approved by he and his party when he was (kind of) a U.S. Senator, and only about half of TARP (the main contributor of the projected 2009 deficit) was spent before he took office --- the projected deficit before he officially took office was “only” $1.2 trillion. Not only did he maintain that spending pace (though he well could have dialed it back with his party's super majority in both houses, had he wanted to), but he added an additional $600 billion on top of it. So, yeah, the 2009 deficit was Obama's deficit - irrespective of how "convenient" it would be for you to pretend otherwise.

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