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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some perspective on oil politics

Just for some perspective, I thought I should point out three quick things.

First, BP donated more to democrats than republicans in the 2008 election.

BP's 2008 political donations

Second, the top recipient of BP donations in 2008 was - you guessed it - Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm mmm mmm. Oh, and Hillary Clinton came in eighth.

Top Recipients:

BP's 2008 Top Recipients

Finally, Barack Obama received almost twice as much money from BP in 2008 ($71,051), than Bush did in the 2000 ($14,165) and 2004 (33,223) elections combined ($47,388).

So let's dispense with the - "The oil spill is George Bush's fault for being in bed with big oil" - talk, shall we?

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